The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

Those who are in the Internet marketing field who are doing well and have found a lot of success, can at times make this career sound like it is a walk in the park. This is sometimes misleading for those who are just getting into Internet marketing however since every job always has pros and cons. There are also a lot of gurus out there who claim that people can get rich quick if they come an Internet marketer and use their strategies to do it and that type of hype can also give the field a bad rap.

Marketing online is not all that it it made out to be by some, but there are still a lot of positive aspects about this career field and some of the things people may hear are true. There is so much information however, that it is hard to determine what the pros and cons of Internet marketing really are. Here is a short list of several of the pros and cons so that those who are just getting started in this career can weigh things properly.

Pros of Internet Marketing

  • As a marketer on the Internet, you would be your own boss in most instances. Sometimes people decide to work for other marketers before going out on their own, but the majority of them have their own business and control their own fate. This gives people in the field flexibility when it comes to scheduling, time, spending time with family and taking vacations.
  • Marketers can choose to work from home if they wish. The only equipment or supplies that are really needed is an up to date computer, Internet connection (preferably high speed) and a cell phone. This makes the start up costs really low because a lot of people already own computer equipment and cell phones.
  • Even though the recession has hit everywhere, people are still going to buy online and use the Internet for many years to come. It does not look like people are going to stop being interested in being online any time soon and the technology is only getting better. Due to this, the Internet marketing field will also be around for many years to come.
  • Those who work hard and dedicated themselves to marketing online can make a full time living. It is not something that will happen overnight, but with determination and the right skills, there is the opportunity to make a decent living working online as an Internet marketer.
  • Internet marketing can be done any time of the day or night, which makes it great for stay at home parents or for people who work in the field as a second job.

Cons of Internet Marketing

  • It is a very competitive field and there are people who have been marketing online for a well over a decade. There are also several people who try to get into the field on a daily basis. Due to this, some of the niches that are marketed online are very saturated and it is hard to get into them without having the proper strategies.
  • It is not a way to get rich quick and it does take a lot of time, determination and the right tools in order to start making a full time living from Internet marketing. It can be done in a short amount of time, but it is classic case of people getting back what they put into it.
  • Due to the recession, consumers are spending less on unnecessary purchases. This means that there has to be a need for the product or service that is being marketed in order for consumers to be willing to buy.
  • It can take up a lot of time when a person is first getting into the field.
  • Becoming a good Internet marketer means earning respect from both consumers and from other Internet marketers. This respect and trust can take a little while to earn.
  • The industry gets a bad rap sometimes because there are some Internet marketers who act unethically in order to make money quickly.

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the pros and cons in Internet marketing, but it gives you a good starting point for the positives and negatives. The pros and cons are also really going to depend on the person getting into the field as well and not all people are going to view pros as pros and cons as cons.

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